How To Install Keyboard Tray Under Desk

Last update: 2023-11-30

You may be at risk for carpal tunnel syndrome, a repetitive stress injury, or other ergonomic problems if you type for several hours each day. Purchasing a keyboard tray can assist in maintaining a more comfortable position for your wrists, forearms, hands, and fingers to help prevent injuries. Larger keyboard trays might even offer space for one or two mice.

Undoubtedly, compared to the billions of fixed-height sitting workstations, only a tiny fraction of standing desks have ergonomic keyboard trays fitted. This is because they are still important whether you are sitting, standing, or moving about at your workplace. They are, in fact, much more valuable and necessary.

How To Install Keyboard Tray Under Desk

In this post, we'll look at three different ways to fasten a Keyboard Tray Under Desk to just a treadmill or standing workstation.

Should You Purchase a Keyboard Tray for Your Desk?

Your back, shoulders, arms, and wrists can suffer if you type for several hours each day. Choosing an ergonomic under-desk keyboard tray will help you maintain good posture all day and relieve tension and expectations on your upper body. If you're searching for one keyboard tray to connect under your desk, Amazon is a great place to start, but we concentrated on the top 10 options in our list.

In general, a superb under-desk keyboard tray should be ergonomic and allow you to select your chosen tilt angle or height. Some of the trays we've included also come with a mouse pad or mouse tray to use with the keyboard tray, and many of them have either a slimming effect or a gel wrist rest to help keep your wrists comfy.

We hope you have all the knowledge you need to select the under-desk keyboard that best meets your needs after studying this product review.

How To Install Keyboard Tray Under Desk

The Advantages of a Keyboard Tray for Under the Desk

Although the majority of us aren't used to typing on an under-desk keyboard tray, these accessories can substantially improve your comfort while sitting at a desk. The following is a list of the principal advantages of buying an under-desk keyboard tray:

  • Under-desk keyboard holders encourage good posture.
  • They aid in relieving pressure on the shoulders, arms, and wrists.
  • They assist in preventing irrational muscle strain.
  • They provide additional room, freeing up your workstation.
  • You can modify the level and tilt angle of some trays.
  • The installation is very simple.
  • When not in use, they can be totally packed away and vanish.
  • To stop keyboards from falling, certain trays have keyboard stoppers.
  • Possible inclusions include a mouse pad or a sliding mouse tray.
  • Certain trays cost less than $50.
  • To prevent scratching the desk, clamps on trays frequently have soft cushions on the clamps.

How To Install The Keyboard Tray Under Desk

Step1: Select the appropriate keyboard tray to your desk

There are a number of things to take into account when selecting a keyboard tray under desk in order to discover the right alternative for you. Consider how much height and angle adjustment you'll require first. You'll need a tray with lots of adjusted abilities if you want to move about a lot when working or if your tasks call for varied postures.

The tray's material is another thing to take into account. Others are constructed of metal or wood, some are made of plastic. You should pick a material that is both long-lasting and simple to maintain. Although plastic trays are frequently less expensive, they could not be as durable as those made of metal or wood.

Finally, think about the tray's dimensions. Make sure it's big enough to fit your keyboard and mouse, but not so big that it eats up too much desk space.

How To Install Keyboard Tray Under Desk

Step2: Decide where to put the tray

Identify where you intend the tray to go in the first phase. The majority of people put their keyboard trays underneath desks so they can reach it more easily and it is closer to their bodies. However, if installing it on the desk's other side is more comfortable for you, do so.

Step3: Mark the desk with holes to be drilled

Once you've chosen where to put the tray, mark the desk with a pencil or mark the locations of the drill holes. The kit we chose had patterns that made it simple to mark where the holes should go.

Make sure you adhere to the directions that come with the kit you're using. For instance, based on the size as well as shape of your desk, some kits call for varied placement of the holes.

Step4: Drilling the Desk's Holes

Drilling the holes should follow marking the desk. Start drilling and through holes you created in Step 2 with a 3/32" drill bit.

The size, shape, and kit you're using will all affect how several holes you have to drill in your desk. To ensure you drill the appropriate number of holes, refer to the equipment's instructions.

You may need to modify the size of both the drill bits if your kit includes screws of various sizes. The hole should be just large enough to accommodate the screw without being overly loose.

How To Install Keyboard Tray Under Desk

Step5: Create a Hole for the Wire Management Platform in the Desk

The majority of keyboard tray kits include a cable organization system to assist you in tidying up and organizing the cords and connections on your workstation. Unfortunately, you'll have to drill a hole in the desk to install this system.

We utilized a package that included a template which made it simple to designate the right location for the hole. Make sure you adhere to the directions that come with the kit you're using.

How To Install Keyboard Tray Under Desk

After marking the location of the hole with such a pencil, drill a starting hole.

After that, finish cutting the hole using a jigsaw. You can get assistance from a friend or member of your family if you don't have a jigsaw.

Test the cable system to ensure correct fit after cutting the hole.

Disconnect the system and lay it away if everything appears to be in order. We'll discuss it again later.

Step6: Put the keyboard tray on the desk

How To Install Keyboard Tray Under Desk

It's time to fasten the device to the desk at this point. Start by fastening the kit's included brackets to the tray's underside.

Before you begin screwing the brackets in, make sure they are positioned correctly. Place the tray aside once they are joined. Next, place one of your arms firmly against the desk and mark the necessary drilling locations with a pencil.

Drilling pilot holes at your marked locations after removing the arm. Be using a power drill that matches the size of the screws included in your package.

It's time to fasten the desk's arms now. Attach one arm first, then make sure it is level before securing the second arm. You can position the keyboard tray when both arms are in place. Use a hammer to tighten the arms into place after first aligning the holes just on a tray with the bolts in the arms.

Step7: Connect the cable management system

It's time to connect the cable control system once the keyboard tray has been installed. Beginning with the hole you cut during Step 4, feed the cables and wires through it. Next, fasten the device to the desk's underside. The equipment we used included adhesive strips, which made it simple to mount the system.

If your kit doesn't include adhesive sheets, you can attach the device to the desk with zip ties or velcro.

How To Install Keyboard Tray Under Desk

Step8: Try it out

It's time to put the new keyboard tray to the test! Adjust the arms till the tray is exactly right for you while seated at your workstation.

Once the tray is in the ideal location, adjust the screws to keep it there. That's all, then! A keyboard tray has been successfully put underneath your desk. These instructions will show you how to mount a keyboard tray underneath a desk.


Make sure your office desk accessories, such as the keyboard tray and sliders, may pass by the framework and bearing mechanisms at the top when using a standing desk. However, a saddle may be seen in the center of many desks. It prevents you from pursuing your DIY project and requires you to buy a clamp-on keyboard tray.

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