10 Different Types Of Keyboards For Computers

Last update: 2023-04-01

Keyboards are no longer a strange item to any of us in this era of technology development. Keyboards also evolve as time changes and innovation keeps going on and on. There are now approximately 10 types of keyboards, instead of 3 or 4 as in the old days.

In the article below, we would explain each type of keyboard for readers, especially those who are in search of a suitable keyboard either for work or gaming.

1. General Information About Keyboards

10 Different Types Of Keyboards For Computers

A keyboard is an input device that enables users to enter letters, numbers, and numerous other symbols, as well as the combinations of certain keys for distinguished functions on laptops or computers.

We have figured out and complied with 10 types of keyboards so far. Each of them would be featured differently due to their major function or targeted purpose. Some keyboards are better off if used in gaming, and others would be more appropriate for work purposes.

All would come down to the user's demands eventually. The choosing of keyboards is either too hard or too easy a task. It is crucial to pick a keyboard that suits you and can adapt to your primary and additional requirements.

The problems people often have with keyboards are keystroke and repetitive wrist strain. In the upcoming sections, there will be an explanation of one keyboard type that can help you overcome the problem relating to ergonomic design and other issues you are engaging in.

2. Types Of Keyboards For Your Computer

Mechanical Keyboards

10 Different Types Of Keyboards For Computers

Mechanical keyboards are the most popular keyboards available these days in the marketplace. You can purchase them online or offline as they are easy to access with thousands of providers and retailers.

Mechanical keyboards are those with built-in spring-activated key switches. These key switches are constructed out of different moving parts. For that reason, mechanical keyboards tend to give you a more satisfactory sense of typing, and this is what most shoppers look for in mechanical keyboards. A mechanical keyboard is also more expensive to purchase than a membrane keyboard, which is mentioned right up next.

Membrane Keyboards

10 Different Types Of Keyboards For Computers

Membrane keyboards are contrary to mechanical keyboards. If the mechanical keyboards give you a better sense of tactile typing, membrane keyboards have a much thinner space among keys, and there is no spring-activated key switch built-in.

The price range for membrane keyboards production is much lower than the mechanical ones. Membrane keyboards are also used commonly in control panels, medical and industrial equipment rather than at homes and offices.

Flexible Keyboards

10 Different Types Of Keyboards For Computers

Flexible keyboards are one variant of membrane keyboards. To speak of their advantages, they are water and dust-resistant. They are lightweight and highly portable, which offers users a great sense of convenience. Adding to that, they are affordable for any user, and if you are on a tight budget, this is not a bad choice at all. What's more, the flexible keyboard operates in silence and takes almost no time to connect with your devices.

However, the sense of tactile typing is not satisfied for this keyboard type. And for the disadvantages, they have a quite short lifespan, low-pressure sensitive levels, and sometimes, keystrokes may happen to users.

Ergonomic Keyboards

10 Different Types Of Keyboards For Computers

Ergonomic keyboards are invented to fix the problem of repetitive strain on our wrists. This keyboard type is favored by those who have to spend a lot of time working with their computers. Ergonomic keyboards are mostly variants of mechanical keyboards. The design has been added up to resolve the problem of sprained wrists in a prolonged usage period.

But there are drawbacks to ergonomic keyboards. For their specific design, they tend to affect your productivity while working. Besides, ergonomic keyboards can cause several elbow relating issues.

Gaming Keyboards

10 Different Types Of Keyboards For Computers

A gaming keyboard is another variant of a mechanical keyboard. They are designed with greater programmability for gamers with featuring keys. They tend to be in a smaller size, consisting of fewer keys than the normal keyboard, which would normally be applicable to usual office tasks.

Many of the gaming keyboards go with the backlit feature because gamers usually prefer to play games in a darker space, with certain lighting setups. The ergonomic design of the gaming keyboards is also updated because the gamers are doubtlessly spending prolonged periods on their electronic devices.

Wireless Keyboards

10 Different Types Of Keyboards For Computers

Wireless keyboards are becoming more popular these days for their portability and convenience. There is no need for any cables to connect. The wireless keyboards can either be mechanical or membrane. They can also be flexible for certain providers.

When using wireless keyboards, the major connectivity technology would be USB. The primary problem for wireless keyboards is the battery life. You would have to charge them quite often. Also, some technology limits can be posed when you use wireless keyboards.

Multimedia Keyboards

10 Different Types Of Keyboards For Computers

If you are a fan of home theaters, you may want to take a glance at the multimedia keyboards. They are an extension of the overall home theater experience. As you use the multimedia keyboard, you can have extensive control over the video and sound of your general system. For this aspect, they offer an excellent sense of convenience and control.

However, multimedia keyboards are problematic when it comes to program macro keys. Apart from that, some technical issues are highly likely to happen. The durability of this product is another issue to pay close attention to.

Handheld Keyboards

10 Different Types Of Keyboards For Computers

The handheld keyboard is a mini, portable version of the usual keyboard. They are, however, much more difficult to use, and not every one of them can function well as a usual keyboard. But if you are searching for something that gives you the sense of being outside of the box, the handheld keyboard is not a bad option to head for.

For the benefits, their ergonomic design is excellent, and you won't have to be concerned about such matters. Besides that, they can be highly productive once you have got used to it. For the downsides, these tiny keyboards are really expensive to purchase, not to mention the matter of monetary value.

Vertical Keyboards

10 Different Types Of Keyboards For Computers

Vertical keyboards are one more "something of the unicorn" item that can ever exist. The design of vertical keyboards is excellent in terms of ergonomic and posture improvement. These keyboards promote users to sit in their most comfortable posture for a higher level of productivity.

But the dilemma for vertical keyboard users is that they must be master typists to enhance their levels of productivity. Lastly, the price tag for one vertical keyboard is not always affordable for shoppers.

Projection Keyboards

10 Different Types Of Keyboards For Computers

Projection keyboards are sometimes mistaken for virtual keyboards. The difference between these two is that one can be programmed on your devices, hence, we don't actually consider the virtual keyboard as a keyboard. The projection keyboard, however, needs a projection to be really created and used.

Why shoppers love projection keyboards is that they are fun to use and remarkably portable for dwellers who are constantly on the move. The issues of keystrokes can barely exist with this keyboard type, either.

Nonetheless, the bright light can be annoying, and the color of keys is easily influenced by the surface you place your keyboard on. Also, there is no available tactile feeling for this projection keyboard type, which can lead to productivity or accuracy decrease.


Keep in mind that if you want a satisfactory tactile feel, mechanical keyboards are recommended. If you are constantly on the move, handheld, and wireless keyboards are not bad ideas at all. For gamers and those who have to spend a lot of time with their electronic devices, you should head for ergonomic and gaming keyboards. We hope the information provided is helpful to our readers, especially those who are in search of a suitable keyboard.

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