How To Disassemble Gaming Chair

Last update: 2024-04-10

Disassembling gaming chairs or anything similar can come from numerous reasons. You may have to get more space for new pieces of furniture or reorganize your home. In whatever case you are, it is surely not so pleasant to disassemble chairs. It is even more triggering if you are not so used to such tasks, or simply don't enjoy them.

However, we are here trying to make this situation less challenging. Right below is a detailed walkthrough of how to disassemble your gaming chair (may apply to other similar chairs). If you are a newbie to this whole concept, the article is a must-read!

Let's waste no more seconds and get the ball rolling!

How To Disassemble Gaming Chair

What to Prepare Before Disassembling Your Gaming Chair?

To disassemble your gaming chair, you will first need to gather all the necessary equipment, which includes a small hammer, a screwdriver that is size-compatible with the chair, and a piece of wood.

In addition, you will need some oil to dismantle the chair's components if you are going to use it frequently in the future. That's pretty much everything you must have to conduct this disassembling process. For those with specially built gaming chairs, you might want to check the manual instructions provided in the first place and check for any particular requirement. As the chair is structured in a certain way, your provider can have specific applications when assembling it and vice versa.

How To Disassemble Gaming Chair

Also, if you think the tools mentioned are not enough, we highly recommend you purchase a toolkit on Amazon or eBay (those for home DIY projects). They will be extremely handy not only in this context but also others.

Now that you have got all the important tools to disassemble your gaming chair, it is time to place it in a blank and neat space in the house. Let the disassembling procedure begin!

How to Disassemble Gaming Chairs - A Step-by-step Guide in 2023

As promised, we are going to show you how to disassemble gaming chairs in just a few steps. We will make it brief and comprehensive for all our audience out there! Now, let's dive into it!

Step 1: Use a small amount of oil on your chair

The very first step is to apply a little amount of oil to the upper part of the chair that connects the base and the gaming chair seat. After you have successfully done that, try to tap lightly into it, using your hammer. Please keep in mind to avoid tapping the chair with a strong force as this could harm your gaming chair right away.

But how much oil is enough for your gaming chair? We think that only a little amount of oil should be good because we are only looking to loosen the parts, not make them fall off the chair completely. All in all, the benefit of oiling is that it saves time and doesn't take much effort to disassemble the chair.

How To Disassemble Gaming Chair

Step 2: Deal with the chair base

The next step in disassembling your gaming chair, you should look out for the chair base. This is a vital part to make a successful project. Now, to fix the base, you need to correctly adjust the chair's base (either raise or lower) the seat to make it simple to handle the chair's joint after pulling up.

How To Disassemble Gaming Chair

Step 3: Unplug all cords and cables if they are connected

Under any circumstance in which you want to disassemble your gaming chair, we highly suggest that all your power cords and cables are completely disconnected. The case is even compulsory if you are going to take off your gaming chair to do a proper cleaning.

Some people keep asking us, why is it so important? The answer is when disassembling chairs without unplugging all the cords and cables, you may accidentally harm the components. So why risk? As an old saying goes, it is always better to prevent than to cure!

How To Disassemble Gaming Chair

Step 4: Take off the armrests and backrest

It is time to use your screwdriver and take off the armrests and backrest slowly. This is as hard as it may appear at first for many people. You just need to know the basics of a gaming chair, following the provided manual instructions. After you have removed the required parts, you almost finish the line here!

How To Disassemble Gaming Chair

Step 5: Remove the wheels under your chair

The majority of chairs have screws at the back and armrests, as well as a five-star wheel order beneath it. To conduct the final step in how to disassemble a gaming chair, you'll need a small hammer, a piece of wood, and someone's assistance to remove the 5-star base. The other person will hold the chair upside-down and press on the 5-star base as you lay the piece of wood on top. This can take a while, but don't give up since we are almost reaching the finish line.

Now use your hammer to strike the wood. Be careful when you go through this since there should be absolutely no force at the gas lift. After that, when you continue to pound the wood against the gas lift, the pressure inside the base will be released by the 5-star wheelbase, causing it to separate.

How To Disassemble Gaming Chair

Things to Remember as You Disassemble Gaming Chair

  • How does your chair come

It could be helpful to keep in mind how your office chair arrived before trying to disassemble it. Some seats are composed of many pieces, so you'll probably break it down by using the opposite method to the way it was put together. A few others just require it to be added once the cylinder and base have been attached. This means that to disassemble the chair, you will probably need to remove it from the cylinder. To avoid causing damage to your chair if it was sent fully constructed, you must determine what parts you may and cannot remove. When taking your chair apart, disassembly instructions from some manufacturers may be useful.

How To Disassemble Gaming Chair

  • Connect and disconnect things in an order

You should then determine if parts of your office chair can be removed by just looking at it. Also, chair components should be easy to remove if you used screws to assemble them. Your gaming chair's screw-connected components will be the simplest to take apart. Often, these include components like a headrest, backrest, or armrest.

  • Don't disassemble what is unnecessary

Consider your reasons for disassembling your gaming chair before you start the process. Ideally, you shouldn't take apart any chair components that aren't required in the rulebook. When dealing with certain gaming chairs, you might not even need to take the backrest out of its cylinder. As little as possible should be done to disassemble the chair to avoid causing any damage. You can always get in touch with the manufacturer to find out which components of the chair you should and shouldn't take apart for disassembly. Never take apart components that are inside a mechanism.


That's everything we have got for how to disassemble a gaming chair. Apart from following our walkthrough of the disassembling process, keep in mind the factors mentioned before you work on it. Hopefully, the provided guide has been helpful to you!

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