How To Decorate Your Office Desk

Last update: 2023-07-24

All day, you spend at your desk. Alright, that's a lie. You periodically stand up to fetch water, go to the bathroom, or go to a meeting. However, you only take up a small portion of the workplace for the bulk of the day. So why not furnish it in the same manner as your own home? After all, you're almost certainly going to be there longer. We don't mean to suggest that you bring in a chaise or install a chandelier, unless you work in a palace, in which case, congratulations! I'm talking about figuring out simple, original methods to add a personal touch to your workspace. And here are some ideas on how to decorate your office desk.

How to Decorate Your Office Desk

The collection of rusted mugs you have next to your PC is not décor. (However, if you're really set on using coffee cups as décor, we can supply you with some stylish ones.) Your desk will feel new and entertaining thanks to these ideas on the list of how to decorate your office desk.

Brighten the area

When a light is added, you may either enjoy a brighter environment or switch off the unsightly above fluorescent lights. Finding a lamp that exactly matches your taste is simple with the wide variety of forms, sizes, and colors available. Try out different lighting options if you're feeling daring. A string of fairy lights or bright light bulbs, for instance, exude a more whimsical aura.

Display Pictures

Picture is a good way to list how to decorate your office desk. Yes, frames work, but they also increase clutter. A picture wire is entertaining to look at and will help your coworkers identify you ("Oh, that's your mother who is always calling during meetings? Got it).

How To Decorate Your Office Desk

Think about shelving

One excellent option to increase storage space is using a desktop shelf. Create a neat and visually beautiful display of pens and pencils, paperclips, rubber bands, candies, and anything else you need to store using transparent containers.

Shelves may also be used for enjoyable activities! Desks seem cozier with plants, artwork, books, and pictures without being cluttered.

Add colorful accents

Although minimalism is popular, you can become tired of it if your workplace design is mainly in muted tones. Don't be hesitant to add accent colors in little doses. Choose jewel tones like sapphire blue, ruby red, and emerald green if you need to maintain your professionalism.

Office supplies provide lots of room for color. Add some color with brightly colored pencil boxes, scissors, pens, and other accessories.

How To Decorate Your Office Desk

Maintain Notes in Bright Holders

On the list of how to decorate your office desk you can take advantage of bright holders. Use vibrant note holders to keep reminders close at hand rather than nailing papers to the wall or gluing passwords to the side of your computer. Or, spice it up by utilizing them to show encouraging sayings or messages that will keep you going all day.

Bring in some vegetation

Plants are a simple way to liven up your workplace and give you a daily sense of accomplishment ("Did I water it today? Yes? Check!”). And as an added benefit, some can really clean the air in your office. Try a low-maintenance variety if you don't think your gardening skills are up to pace.

Make your mouse pad unique

You do not need to use a black mousepad, per se. Upgrading this sometimes overlooked desk decoration will help your environment reflect your individuality. There is a mousepad for every hue in the rainbow. Additionally, you may buy mouse pads made of unexpected materials like leather, cork, and even agate.

How To Decorate Your Office Desk

Decoratively enhance your boards

Add some trim or design to your cork or whiteboard to give it some individuality rather than keeping it strictly professional. Using washi tape, Sharpies, or another easy-to-clean solution, it's simple to add a little life to even the most basic calendar. Your fear of all the meetings you have coming up will suddenly subside.

Using decorative bookends, hold files

Using bookends is an ideal idea on a list of how to decorate your office desk. There are many modern, stylish, and even unusual alternatives available that you'll adore. I guarantee that your books (by which I mean the papers, manuals, and folders you have filled with never-ending paperwork) will appear much nicer.

Present live flowers

Who doesn't experience happiness when they gaze upon flowers? Flowers add life to any area, whether you place them in a vase or an old Mason jar. If you choose the proper ones, they provide a beautiful scent in addition to adding a splash of color.

How To Decorate Your Office Desk

Pillows can add comfort

A stiff chair causes discomfort. Sit on a pillow to give yourself some support. Alternately, you can straighten your posture by sliding a small throw cushion behind you if your chair is already comfy. Bonus: You'll have something to snooze on if you become weary during the day. Consider adding a small throw blanket to cover your legs or wrap around you like a shawl if your office has a tendency to grow chilly.

Create a color scheme if you can

You can make a color scheme on the list of how to decorate your office desk. Start with two to three neutral hues while creating your color palette. For a sleek, contemporary color palette, neutrals like black, gray, and white are a good choice. For a Boho look, muted colors like brown and beige work well.

Add one or two accent colors that complement your neutrals next. For a vibrant appearance, hot pink, royal blue, or yellow would all be suitable choices. Stick to subtle hues like blush pink and moss green if you want something more modest.

Organize your schedule using a desk calendar

Using a desk calendar, you may be reminded of significant gatherings, occasions, and due dates. Desk calendars come in a broad range of hues and layouts, providing you more options for enhancing your design.

Supplies can be hung on a pegboard

A peg board offers almost limitless potential for desk decoration ideas because you may switch out the items hanging from it whenever you wish.

Everything that can hang on a hook can be stored on your pegboard hooks! Use a macrame hanger to hang colored scissors, little shelves, or even a tiny plant.

Utilize trays to keep your materials organized

When your resources are dispersed across the house, it can be difficult to feel organized. To the rescue, trays! If you have attractive materials that you'd want to enjoy looking at throughout the day, store them in your desk drawers or leave them on top of the desk.

Apply washi tape

Get thrilled if you've never heard of washi tape. This adaptable tape may be applied to and removed from almost anything with ease. Use it to make your own removable wallpaper, adorn your desk calendar, or hang pictures on the wall.


There are many different shapes and sizes of options available when choosing how to design a desk. None of them are good or bad, but they should be customized for your situation and obligations. Discover your inspiration, connect it to your workplace, select useful accessories, and let your individuality show in an unique yet professional way. Any workstation, whether it be a private corporate office, a cubicle in the bullpen, a remote home office, or another environment, might benefit from an increase in décor. Hope above list on how to decorate your office desk will be useful for you.

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