How To Choose Stand For Headset

Last update: 2022-08-07

Headset stands are definitely one of the most familiar for PC and laptop users. Without a stand for headsets, it would be a huge inconvenience, which explains why if you have yet to choose a stand, we will start to question why the case is occurring.

Determining which stand is the best for your headset is not too complicated a task like choosing a CPU or GPU for PCs. it can take you a little time, but the process is not going to trigger. Plus, you have got our support in the article below on how to choose a stand for your headset.

How To Choose Stand For Headset

What Is A Headset Stand?

A stand for the headset is simply understood as a device to hold your headset at an appropriate height when the headset is no longer in use. It is often made of metal for extended durability and longevity. Its dimension and weight, in general, are not a massive issue for shoppers at all. In other words, stands are probably one of the most flexible and easiest to store items.

Also, the fact that a stand comes from metal would help to function better with heavy headsets, which assures users of the concern that their headset would be falling off due to the fragility of the stand. A wooden stand is also recommendable for shoppers because of its solidity and excessive lifespan.

How To Choose Stand For Headset

A stand for the headset is not expensive, in our perspective. An average price range for headset stands varies approximately from 12 dollars to 30 dollars. You can even get a stand for your headset for the cost of 9 dollars, and the highest one would be sold at 30 dollars.

With a 9-dollar stand, you are likely to get the basic function of it, which is hanging your headset at a proper height as we have mentioned. However, the case is totally the opposite for the 30-dollar item. When buying a high-costing product, you are going to get greater functionality, which can include charger spots for smartphones, enhancing the convenience it is offering.

The higher the price tag a stand comes with, the more flexibility and comfort shoppers can receive. Nonetheless, in several cases, the claim is not applicable at all. Many shoppers are doing fine with a basic stand for their headsets.

How To Choose Stand For Headset

Classification Of Headset Stand

There are two major types of stands for headsets available now in the market, which are known as the separate stand, and the mounting one. Both types are familiar to shoppers because they are common commodities. They are easy to catch sight of and can be purchased at an affordable price.

The first type, the separate stand, is often made of metal or wood. They can have extra functions if purchased with a price of 25 to 30 dollars for a piece. The mounting would come from a combination of metal and plastics. They can also offer you charging spots for compatible price ranges. They are mounted on the side of your table or PC, or they can be hung on the wall, depending on whichever position is more suitable for you.

The mounting stand is more outstanding for the storage room, but less advantageous in terms of solidity. The independent stand is on the contrary case with greater solidity but a lower effect in a compact design.

How To Choose Stand For Headset

Factors To Consider Before You Purchase A Stand For Your Headset

Now it would be the guidance we have been working on for readers on the topic of stands for headsets. As we have claimed in the previous part, the process won't be complex or prolonged. Here are just a few things you need to pay close attention to before making a purchase for headset stands.


Material is the most important factor for most products, and this is no exception when we place material as the top priority. The material of the headset stand or mounter would decide up to 90 percent of its durability and solidity. Advisable materials for headset stands are metal and wood. They are sustainable and durable, guaranteeing shoppers long-term service.

How To Choose Stand For Headset


Height is the next element to consider because it is likely to affect your whole experience with the stand for your headset. An appropriate height for headset stands would be varying between the two milestones of 8 and 10 inches. When hanging the headset on your stand, no parts of the headset should have contact with the ground. For mounting stands, the problem of height is easier to resolve as the flexibility is limitless.


Weight also decides the solidity of your stand for headsets. For separate stands, you can see a base below as a weight addition. The overall weight of a stand is normally above 1 pound for a bit. Any stand that is too light to handle a headset would fall off a lot, leading to an unsatisfactory experience when using it.

How To Choose Stand For Headset

Mounting Or Not

Mounting or not is one of the most frequently asked questions we have received for this topic of headsets. Mounting stands are getting more popular with shoppers because they offer incredible flexibility when in use. However, the charging function would not be as proper as the separate ones. Besides, if placed in comparison with a separate stand, mounting items appear to be a little more expensive to purchase.

Budget Limit

Budget limits, as aforementioned, are no big deals for headset stands. They would cost you from less than 10 dollars to 30 dollars for a piece. The issue of price is perhaps not happening for this product. They seem quite affordable for all shoppers. We would say the ideal budget for a headset stand would be somewhere between 15 and 25 dollars. For that price range, you can already own a high-quality item.

How To Choose Stand For Headset

More Things About Headset Stands You Should Know

Apart from the information we have provided you about choosing a stand for your headset, you may want to discover more factors that are listed in the following lines. Now, it would be time to find out some other relevant acknowledgement about headset stands.

Keeping your stand for a headset last longer

This task should not engage you in any difficulty at all. Keeping your stand for headsets is as easy as it can be. The first rule is that you must keep it away from harsh weather conditions for a longer lifespan. Place your stand at locations that are high and dry. This can also help with headset protection. We're sure that barely anyone can make a mistake with this rule. The second thing to keep in mind is that you should clean your stand at least once every week. Cleaning a stand is not hard or time-consuming. Take a cloth and cleaning liquid or you can simply do it with a moistened soft piece of cloth.

A Provider You Can Trust

Speaking of things you should know more about headset stands, perhaps a trustworthy provider would be helpful. If you have yet to think of a provider, check out the brand Feelpop. The business was originated from China. All of their products are sold on Amazon at reasonable prices. They are not in the high-end classification, but the products manufactured are worth a try from shoppers, and the stands for headsets are no exceptions.

Final Thoughts

The topic of choosing a stand for your headset is likely to end here. The pieces of information, hopefully, are relevant enough for you, as well as become useful for your decision of selecting a stand for headsets.

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