How To Choose Gaming Headset

Last update: 2023-02-05

Gaming headphones provide a convenient and useful answer to all of your audio-related gaming demands. But there are many possibilities available, and not all of them are worthwhile purchases, just as with any other type of technology.

To make sure you receive your money well spent, we’ve created a checklist of the important aspects or questions you should have answered. After you finish the checklist, you’ll have a lot better notion of what to look for in a gaming headset.

How to choose Gaming Headset

Gaming Headsets: Wireless vs. Wired

The decision to go wireless or not when choosing a headset is one of the most important ones you'll have to make. We're all trained to believe that something more expensive must necessarily be of greater quality—wireless costs more—but each alternative has advantages and disadvantages. We want to present them to you so you can decide which is ideal for your requirements.

The feedback, static, and crackle that can occur with 3.5mm connections are eliminated with wireless connections. Additionally, they do away with cords, which are bothersome to look at and use. They clog up your setup and make the area appear more disorganized. They always seem to be either too short to be cozy or too long to get tangled up in the wheels of your gaming chair. Additionally, wires are limiting. You can hear them when they brush against you while gaming, a sound known as microphonics if you're an audio nerd, and you can feel them as you play depending on the braiding of the cable and the material of the clothing you're wearing.

How To Choose Gaming Headset

Almost all wireless headphones make some audio fidelity tradeoffs. A corded headset makes it simpler to obtain fuller sound, and the truly excellent wireless headsets cost more to use. Cost is always a consideration when cutting the cord, as was said before. There is a pricing difference between wired and wireless, however it is getting less every year.

In-game wireless audio is also less dependable for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is that your headset could break. Your Bluetooth headphone might go out at a crucial time if you play for too long or fail to charge it in between sessions, leaving you groping in the dark until your character succumbs to the same fate.

There is no default best choice, as you can see. In the end, it boils down to purpose as much as preference. Avoid going wireless if you want to become a professional gamer. You require both the dependability of infinite power and the modest benefit of the wired type. Wireless could be more cozy and practical if you're merely a typical weekday casual or weekend traveler. We personally might never wear a wired gaming headset once more. We switched to wifi and haven't turned back since.

Bluetooth is optional

We think we just discussed this kind of This section is only for the wireless group; if you determined that weird was the way to go, move on to the next section.

How To Choose Gaming Headset

A headset may be described as "wireless," but that does not guarantee that it has a Bluetooth connection. If it lacks Bluetooth, this means that they can only connect to your PC through a dongle and cannot connect to your phone or other devices that do not have USB ports.

When playing mobile games, we really enjoy having the option to link it to our phones, thus this might be a significant negative for people who want the maximum freedom. But how significant is this function in terms of gaming? Truthfully, not very. We wouldn't stress over this at all if you're simply purchasing a headset to play video games at your work. But you should constantly keep that in the back of your mind. Choose the Bluetooth option if you have to decide between two headsets that you like equally. Although not necessary, it will benefit you in terms of adaptability.

Physical Relationships

Physicality is also one of the factors in steps to choose a gaming headset you should consider. You must be aware of the physical connection alternatives your headset offers, even if you choose wireless. The finest headphones will frequently have a variety of connecting choices. If you play video games on a laptop, you might assume that wireless is the way to go. However, you should be aware that your wireless headset may still require a USB port for its dongle. The conventional 3.5mm connector is your buddy if you don't have many available USB connections.

How To Choose Gaming Headset

Sound Performance

Even though practically any headset can reduce the default audio on your PC to itty bitty sound bites, it's crucial to understand how much even a mediocre headset may enhance that audio. Trust your senses and your intuition when it comes to sound. Based on your budget and necessary inclusions, you should shorten your list, then test your top choices to see which appeals to you the most. Even if a headset lacks all the extra bells and whistles you were looking for, always choose the one that sounds better. Real value is created by sound quality.

Yes, more expensive headphones often have superior sound, as seen by how the headsets on our list of the best of this year compare. However, there are several excellent low-cost choices that may enhance your experience without draining your money account.

What Are the Prices of Good Gaming Headsets?

Unbelievably, high-quality game audio starts at only $50. You should spend more money on headphones if you consider yourself to be more of an audiophile than the average gamer. Fortunately, you can get a top-notch headset for anything from $80 to $200. The majority of models in this price range are somewhat comparable and features more frequently distinguish each model than real sound quality.

How To Choose Gaming Headset

While it may appear that you may get good gaming equipment at Walmart or BestBuy, it is really simpler and more effective to search Amazon. Always read the reviews, and pay close attention to those written by people who seem to have your needs or desires. It is not valid information when a father buys his child a generic headset and gives it a five-star review because he can't hear his child play Fortnite any more. For those who paid attention to our advice on testing, Amazon also offers excellent return policies.


One of the important factors on how to choose a gaming headset is comfortability. The comfort of a headset may be more significant to the ordinary gamer than its audio quality. We'll take a brief break to allow the audiophiles to calm down before continuing our argument of that contentious assertion. You need something comfy if you plan to play video games for an extended period of time, which is essentially the only way most people ever play. Muddy lows are preferable than achy, perspiring ears. The finest piece of advice we can provide is to value comfort more than you would think.

Don't just put on a headset to see whether it fits; wear it for a while, turn your head, and lower or extend the microphone. To allow the headset time to settle, try testing these out in-store for a long time. Comfort, which is a personal preference, is the largest distinction between a genuinely inexpensive headset and one of our recommended inexpensive headsets. Even though we constantly want people to follow our recommendations, we nonetheless advise trying before they buy. When you do decide to buy, Amazon is a wonderful option because returns are simple and hassle-free if something turns out to be less comfortable than you had anticipated.

Fashion and Design

One of the most overemphasized parts of the audio industry is gaming headset design. The most gamer-focused headphones have been designed by so many firms, wasting so much time and effort. We made all that work simply to let you know that it doesn't really matter. You're reading the incorrect article if that's how you plan to purchase your headset. In reality, for a few reasons, we veer away from the stronger aesthetic frequently. These explanations are so obvious that we'll just list them in their entirety.


You don't have to spend a lot of money to locate the correct one because they start to get decent around the $60 markup. Whatever you choose, as long as you keep in mind what I said in this essay, you should end up with something that is perfect for you. Whether you prefer a cheap or expensive headset, we also have a ton of lists and reviews. Hope above steps on how to choose a gaming headset will help you pick one.

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