How To Set Microphone On Laptop

Last update: 2023-03-16

One of your most often asked topics is how to set a microphone on a laptop and begin recording audio. If you have the proper jack for the socket, it should be possible to directly connect a dynamic microphone to almost all PCs, which these days are frequently paired with a headphone port. The quality of the sound will likely please vloggers, video producers, and podcasters who desire a more professional sound, even if utilizing this approach is suitable for novices and those recording for their personal use solely. Additionally, it is conceivable and functional to directly connect an external microphone to a standard PC mic port.

How to Set Microphone on Laptop

Installing any necessary drivers and plugging in your microphone—or connecting it over Bluetooth—are among the first steps you must do before configuring it. The majority of the time, Windows will find and install the required drivers on its own; but, if this doesn't work, you may need to browse the manufacturer's website for particular drivers.

Mic withMini-Plug

Ports on sound cards. A mini-plug connector, like the one on your smartphone, tablet, or iPod, is used by many microphones. The microphone jack is often located on the rear of desktop computers and is distinguished by its pink hue, as seen in the illustration. However, the front or top of the computer casing may also have microphone connections. Many laptop computers and Chromebooks come with an integrated microphone. If not, the microphone jack is often on the front left or right side, close to the edge. examine the number of connections on your laptop, If the microphone has four connections, you need to acquire an adaptor. It typically has three connectors, depending on the one inside your laptop socket.

How To Set Microphone On Laptop

Laptop External Microphones

These are especially useful for vloggers who want to capture their exciting, emotionally charged stories. What better way to convey your feelings than with your own voice? These are just as easy to set up and use in this way and will result in high-quality recordings. You do not need to be as concerned about the audio quality any longer if you only want to produce high-quality recordings for one vlog at a time, or if you are considering voiceovers for videos, etc. Instead, you could prefer the features and external microphones. Every major microphone manufacturer now produces at least one due to the increased popularity of microphones. It is so important to set the microphone on the laptop.

How To Set Microphone On Laptop

You may compare the most distinguishing characteristics of the most popular by listening to how they sound side by side and by seeing videos of how they seem up close. It is a really helpful reference to external Mics and includes a thorough analysis of all the most well-liked models.

Why Use Wired Microphones Instead of Wireless Microphones

The price is a major one. The price of a single wireless microphone channel will likely be four to ten times more than a comparable wired channel.

The quality of the audio is one query that isn't on that list. This is a crucial question. Actually, the wired microphone might serve the purpose better. In general, wired microphones provide superior audio, are more dependable, and don't use batteries.

How To Set Microphone On Laptop

How to Repair a Laptop Microphone

Device drivers, microphone setup issues, a malfunctioning microphone, or even flawed internal wiring can all contribute to a laptop microphone not functioning. Check out the troubleshooting advice and time-tested solutions before buying a new microphone.

And resolving any issues you find in order to fix your laptop microphone.

The following are the most typical problems that might be causing your laptop microphone to malfunction:

  • Simple problems like a muted microphone or an improperly setup microphone can cause this issue.
  • Poor or outdated microphone drivers: An out-of-date driver will cause the microphone to malfunction.
  • Hardware issues with the microphone: Your microphone may simply have worn out due to a flaw or aging, or it might have internal wiring issues.

Other problems are more difficult and will need a specialist's help.

How To Set Microphone On Laptop

Follow these instructions in order to repair your laptop's microphone:

A silenced microphone exactly should not be used. A physical microphone mute button on your laptop may have been inadvertently pressed; pressing the button or flicking the switch will resolve the issue.

Your sound settings may possibly have your microphone unworking. To verify this:

  • Switch to the Control Panel
  • Select Sound and Hardware
  • Sound of a click
  • Tap Recording
  • Click the Properties option when you right-click the microphone
  • Then choose Levels
  • To unmute, click the microphone icon if it has a red circle being crossed out next to it

You may configure your device so that only certain applications have access to the microphone for privacy concerns. It will appear that the microphone isn't working if your chat or conference software doesn't have authorization.

To examine this problem:

  • The search bar on type microphone.
  • Click Privacy options for the microphone.
  • Make sure the switch for Allow applications to use your microphone is turned on in Windows 10.
  • Verify that your specific app has permission by scrolling down.

Unplug and replug external microphones you are using. When an external microphone is already connected, laptops are made to automatically switch between the built-in microphone and that device.

If you're attempting to use an external microphone, try disconnecting it and inserting it back in. If you're trying to use the internal hardware, try plugging an external microphone in and then unplugging it. By doing this, the program could ultimately choose the right microphone.

You should check to see whether your microphone is indeed enabled in the device management. In either scenario, you might be able to activate your microphone by running the troubleshooter or upgrading the device driver.

This automatic troubleshooter examines and resolves a wide range of problems with sound playback and recording, so it could be able to resolve your microphone issue.

Check your microphone's functionality after letting it run its full course. Open the Control Panel > Troubleshooting then choose > Hardware and Sound > Recording, then click Next and adhere to the on-screen instructions to run this troubleshooter.

Verify updated audio drivers. Your microphone won't function properly if your microphone driver is damaged or out-of-date. After updating or installing a new driver, be sure to restart your computer because it won't take full effect until then.


You might need to take your laptop to a specialist if your laptop is new or the microphone still doesn't function and there are no obvious physical issues with it. It's possible that the microphone has developed problems that you can't notice by simply looking at it, or there might be another repair that needs specialized knowledge or equipment to do. Hope above steps on how to set the microphone on my laptop will help you.

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