How to Set Camera in Blender

Last update: 2023-05-02

When using Blender, it's simple to lose track of the differences between a camera object and the 3D Viewport. This is possible because a camera object may be used as a viewport and the viewport can be thought of as a virtual camera. So let's dispel some myths.

When using Blender, the user's primary view is the Viewport. The Viewport is a window that lets you glance around the scene that contains your model; it is not an object. It is a component of the Blender user interface and is only present during the model's creation and viewing. It serves no significant function in rendering.

The camera must be either built or added to the scene. It is an element of the scene and is in charge of producing the picture. Anything it is aimed at will specifically be included in the produced image. However, because camera objects aren't made to be moved as readily as the Viewport, they can't be used for development.

A camera object is not required if your goal is to learn how to move your model and not to create a picture from it. Consequently, you may skip the next section. On the other hand, if you wish to set up a camera to capture a picture of your model, keep reading. And here are some steps on how to set the camera in blender.

How to Set Camera in Blender

Include a Camera

Shift + A > Camera allows you to add a camera.

My 3D cursor is at the global origin, thus that is where the camera will be put. To examine what the camera is actually recording after adding the camera, we may move another view window.

Pressing +1 will bring up the camera view.

You may concentrate on setting up the camera and modeling on the left viewport, while viewing the render on the right.

How to Set Camera in Blender

Image Produced

By default, the camera you add to the scene will create a 1920 by 1080 quality image. The Output properties tab is where you may modify this. You can use a resolution of 1080 x 1080 for Instagram postings.

Camera Specifications

By simply capturing the camera on the viewport, you may now adjust the camera's location. The similar result may be obtained by clicking the orange square on the properties tab's bottom right tab and changing the camera's object attribute.

How to Set Camera in Blender

The object data attribute for the camera is also modifiable. When the camera is chosen, you may edit the camera's Object Data Properties by clicking on the green camera icon.

By default, the camera will be in perspective mode. For cameras, Blender also includes an orthographic mode.

The camera you select is entirely up to you and what you want to accomplish. I'm using an orthographic camera set to scale 0.5 for this post. Zooming in and out is done using the scale. You will alter the focus length rather than the orthographic scale for a perspective camera.

You may make use of additional attributes, including the Depth of Field, for more sophisticated control and manipulation.

Additional Cameras

You may pick which camera to utilize for the render if your scenario has many cameras. I'll create a new camera and call it camera-perspective, renaming the current camera camera-ortho.

By adjusting the camera input on the scene property, you may select which camera is currently in use. On the properties tab, in the bottom right corner, is a scene property as well.

How to Set Camera in Blender

We now have it! Now that your basic camera is configured, you may render a scene.

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In this article you will get to know some steps on how to set a camera in blender for the first time, as well as the settings you may need to use in certain situations.

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