How To Choose Ram For PC

Last update: 2022-05-17

Our PC memory system complies with two major memory types, which are physical memory and virtual memory. In the upcoming sections, we would go further into the physical memory, which is RAM, specifically a complete guide on how to choose the most suitable RAM for your PC. There is a huge set of considerations to take. Thus, we advise that you read the information carefully and don't miss any piece of the acknowledgment if you are new to all of these concepts.

1. Memory Size and Speed

RAM, as we have known it, is the Random Access Memory. It is the physical memory in the whole PC memory system, as we have aforementioned. RAM misconceptions usually refer to the myth that the greater memory size your RAM is, the more effective performance your PC would put on.

How To Choose Ram For PC

However, this is not always the same case. RAM is evidently a key factor impacting your PC performance. But it is not only the memory size that matters. Also, the bigger the better is not always applicable. For instance, if you just normally use a PC for basic browsers and word tasks, an enormous RAM of 64GB would be a waste. The case is vice versa for more heavy-duty tasks. This leads to one conclusion that the most ideal RAM is the one that offers the greatest sense of compatibility, not "the bigger the better".