Different Types Of Filing Cabinets

Last update: 2022-05-19

Are you looking for a place to keep important papers, or school supplies, at your workplace with paper documents, brochures, forms, investing in a filing cabinet is the best choice.

With many designs and different types of filing cabinets, it is considered as an enclosure drawer, used to store different types of documents and records. The two most common types of filing cabinets on the market are vertical and lateral filing cabinets. For a vertical file cabinet, the drawers extend from the shorter side of the cabinet. The side file cabinet has drawers extending from the longer side.

To meet the needs of customers, many manufacturers have created many different shapes, prices, material quality, cabinet sizes. Find out with us how many different types of filing cabinets.

1. Metal filing cabinets

Different Types Of Filing Cabinets

It is made from galvanized steel, as it is both durable and firm. For the iron cabinet containing the document capable of being used for large storage requirements. So they are often used in accounting and other fields where physical records are stored for a long time. Although they don't have a beautiful design like wooden cabinets, they have different colors to choose from.

2. Solid wooden filing cabinet

Different Types Of Filing Cabinets

Although they are of high-quality parallel finishing, costs of wood are very expensive and need special care for cleaning and maintenance. That's why the monolithic wooden file cabinet is very popular in the office and other workplaces, especially in popular families and museums.

3. Letter size filing cabinet

Different Types Of Filing Cabinets

These are easy-to-store documents by various types of file cabinets. It has the size of the standard font size like a computer paper size 8-1 / 2 "x 11".

Different Types Of Filing Cabinets

It is not all of the case cabinets in the market that can accommodate these documents. You need to read the product description while buying a new profile cabinet, this will support legitimate size or not. The size of this type of sub-material is 8-1 / 2 "x 14".

Currently, with some types of cabinets available in the market with different specifications and designs, the selection of optimal items for the office becomes difficult.

5. Lateral filing cabinet

Different Types Of Filing Cabinets

It is specially designed for use in a busy and highly competitive work environment. Looking inside, they are larger but have a limited depth, so it is less effective in filing a high capacity.

With the structure to provide you with spacious space for the store and the ability to arrange the paperwork. Thanks to the basic design of the cabinet consisting of two or more drawers, equipped with a structure against the tip. Anti-flip capability helps the cabinet not fall, in the case of a completely opened drawer.

On the other hand, because the side cabinets are wider in terms of structure, the declaration is done specifically from side to side. Along with large sizes, they can store both legally hanging folders and letter sizes without any difficulties. Because the document cabinet with the drawer is most commonly used for the aisle and space-limited areas.

Besides, the shape is low to be able to install the desk to work easily.

6. Vertical filing cabinet

Different Types Of Filing Cabinets

Used to contain records in more and more scarce workspaces. With the uniqueness of the type of bulkhead, it has a high number of drawers; However, each compartment is narrow in size.

Almost, the documents, records, and folders stored in this type of cabinet are arranged in the form of the previous one. Along with the cabinet, the cabinet stands deeper. In particular, the side document cabinet matches the requirements of high storage capability, and the vertical document cabinet is suitable for everyday furniture storage.

In contrast, the drawers in the standing cabinet require enough waterproof space to pull out. It is necessary to measure space to put them easier.

7. Mobile filing cabinet

Different Types Of Filing Cabinets

Very convenient for storage as they offer the option of being rolled around where the cabinet is located. The main design function of the movable file cabinet is to provide maximum storage space, taking up less floor space.

With four or five castors under the drawers for added structural stability and easy mobility. In general, mobile cabinets are equipped with a minimum of two drawers, which can be vertical or side.

On the other hand, the mobile cabinet is specially designed in such a way that the cabinet can easily fit into the desk to save space. Some movable cabinets are double-sided, one is a cabinet that can be rotated both ways to reveal a separate file column on either side.

What's more, the mobile cabinet can handle both mail and legal paperwork. But the disadvantage of the cabinet is that the small size prevents the storage of a large number of letter files.

8. Open shelf filing cabinet

Different Types Of Filing Cabinets

They have a wide and shallow design in the structure of the cabinet. The open shelf file cabinets are like bookcases and bookshelves. As for the design, open shelves have open fronts, which makes them suitable for storing end tab folders. At the same time, it is also designed for areas with scarce space and narrow aisles. Especially more fitted in hospital and pharmacy stores.

9. Tab Side filing cabinet

Different Types Of Filing Cabinets

Is a type of cabinet that organizes documents in a vertical format. Tab Side Tab Tabs are prominently used in medical record keeping.

Their main function is to allow easy access to files by letting the user find the name on the folder tab quickly.

Besides, many side tab file cabinets are available in different types and categories like: with door, without the door, and swing door.

10. Flat filing cabinet

Different Types Of Filing CabinetsFeatures a flat and shallow drawer design of the cabinet. Most of them are specifically designed to store large and flat items in a hassle-free manner.

In general, flat cabinets are used to store blueprints in an organized and secure way. At the same time, flat files can be stacked on top of each other to increase workspace area.

11. Storage islands filing cabinet

Different Types Of Filing Cabinets

A term to describe a combination of two or more cabinets with a high work surface. They are used for employee workstations.

12. Fireproof filing cabinet

Different Types Of Filing Cabinets

They are mainly used to protect sensitive and confidential documents and papers. As the name suggests, this type of file cabinet protects files from any fire-related accidents such as open flame damage.

Apart from being fireproof, they are also waterproof and anti-theft. Thus, providing you with comprehensive security of confidential articles. The fireproof cabinets are available in both vertical and lateral types. It is commonly used in large companies and corporations where confidential documents require confidentiality.


After the above article, we have analyzed each of the pros and cons of different types of filing cabinets.

Each cabinet has a different use and function, some are equipped to provide large storage space, while others provide the ability to easily move the cabinet according to the purpose of use.

But there are important factors you need to consider before buying a new filing cabinet.

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