Benefits Of Wifi Extender

Last update: 2024-03-09

When you use wifi or LAN, usually the wifi signal will only broadcast at a default distance of less than 100m. Thus, your need to use wifi is limited and the further away you are from the wifi source, the weaker it will be, even unable to catch the wifi signal. To increase the coverage of wifi, we will use a device called a wifi extender. They will help increase coverage up to kilometers and remain stable. So what is a wifi extender?

What is a wifi range extender?

To ensure wifi coverage in unreachable places and make it easier for users to connect to wifi without problems, a wifi extender is needed. A wifi extender is also known as a signal booster, wifi extender or wifi repeater. They have the task of helping to increase wifi coverage, creating a relay system from the wifi wave you are using and rebroadcasting to nodes with signal strength to ensure stability and longer coverage.

The wifi extender will give the same wifi strength as your original modem, then it will help the wifi signal be able to extend the coverage many times farther than the first time.

Often this wifi extender is used in large households, restaurants, companies, apartments, high-rise buildings, helping to provide strong coverage throughout the floors. Make sure the wifi is no longer flickering or not receiving the signal. Below, we will give some of the benefits that wifi range extenders bring.

Benefits Of Wifi Extender

Why use a wifi extender?

It seems that you are too uncomfortable when you are standing right in your house but cannot catch the wifi signal, and even when you go to another room, it also makes the wifi flicker, greatly affecting the work as well as the use process. paused. Because you don't want those restrictions, you need to use a wifi extender.

Not only in households but even many places need this wifi extender. Such as hospitals, high-rise buildings, companies, businesses... Places are large and they need wifi coverage to meet their essential needs.

In high-rise buildings, the location is blocked by many walls, so it is necessary to use a wifi extender to improve that problem. And they always ensure that surfing the web, going online or having fun on the computer, the phone is not jerky, lag.

Therefore, the use of wifi extenders is very necessary for everyone, they are important and bring many benefits, meeting the needs of users and saving costs in the most effective way.

When to use a wifi extender?

Cases that need to use a specific wifi extender such as:

  • For high-rise buildings with many retaining walls, the wifi signal will be weak and the coverage of those high-rise buildings will not be enough, so it is necessary to use a wifi extender.
  • You want to amplify your home's wifi signal so that you can catch the signal when you're standing outside in the yard.
  • You can use the wifi of a certain coffee shop or the neighbor's wifi near your house without affecting their wifi speed and you still have wifi to use.
  • For all cases that want wide wifi coverage without much need for routers or network modem devices, a wifi extender will be used.

Who should use a wifi extender?

Objects that should use wifi extenders to improve wifi waves as well as to stabilize wifi speeds are usually applied to:

  • Households have a large area, have many floors, and have a garden. If the head of the family wants a wifi signal that can cover the entire family and garden.
  • High-rise buildings such as apartments, real estate, hospitals, schools, ...
  • Military areas, security headquarters...
  • Construction areas, works to serve the work and bring convenience to workers there.

Anyone who has a need for this device can buy and use it. But you need to keep in mind that when necessary, you should use it to avoid waste and it is important to note how to choose a wave extender to suit individual needs.

How to use a wifi extender?

According to the above, you already know what a wifi extender is, right? They bring you great benefits. With technology that can both receive wifi signal, then convert that wifi signal to stronger and broadcast wifi for other devices to use. Able to provide a higher signal stability. In addition, you will not have to waste time or effort in wiring, but only need a wifi extender, broadcast source and connection to be successful.

So how to use the wifi extender?

  • First you need to prepare: wifi source that you have installed in advance, wifi range opener, a personal computer.
  • Find the best place for the extender. If it is a high-rise building, it should be placed in the place of the stairway, a well-ventilated place. Do not place in closed rooms or in places with many obstacles. It is best to place it in the center of the house, if possible, the ceiling is the ideal place.
  • The next step for you is to configure your extender. Depending on what type of extender you choose, there will be a separate configuration, but most of them follow certain steps. You just need to connect the device with the computer. That is, connect to the device's default wifi network. Or you can attach the LAN cable from that extender to the computer used for configuration.
  • Then you just need to open a Web browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera, Coc Coc) to configure your device.

The signal extension mode will help strengthen the wireless signal to the points where the wifi signal cannot reach, ensuring that all devices in the coverage area will have a more stable signal connection.

Usually, wifi range openers are very compact, so they are easy to install and deploy flexibly. After the configuration is complete, you just need to extend the coverage at the touch of a button.


Hopefully, this information will help you understand what a wifi extender is and what is related to this device, helping you choose a good wifi extender that is suitable for your needs. .

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