Benefits Of Shower Wall Surround

Last update: 2023-03-12

Shower wall surrounds are appearing more in homes and hotels for their benefits. In the article below, the benefits of shower wall surround are likely to show up. We are also giving information about the matters that are related to the term of shower wall surround, including the basic acknowledgment and updated buying guidance.

More Information About A Shower Wall Surround

What is it?

So what exactly is a shower wall surrounded? The name comes from the shape and the most remarkable function of the item. Once a shower wall surround has come in its full installation, it goes around a shower corner or alcove to make sure that the space except the shower area is waterproofed, as well as keeps the surrounding area as clean and neat as possible.

Benefits Of Shower Wall Surround

When was it introduced?

No precise timeline for this item has been discovered. It is believed by many people that the shower wall surround may originate from the shower curtain since they have a similar function, however, the shower curtain is much more vulnerable and less durable than the shower wall surround.

But there is one thing for sure: the shower wall surrounds only appear for 100 years around maximumly. The supporting points to this claim can be the invention of the shower curtain, which was not present until 1953. Some of the opposing sides would say that the shower wall surround must have existed longer from day one of the early modern-day shower presence with pictures of a primary shower wall surround from.

Materials that are used to make shower wall surrounds

When it comes down to materials, the range has been extending with more modern technology and techniques applied to the process of manufacturing. The most popular materials used to make shower wall surrounds in these recent years are fiberglass or tempered glass. They can also be PVC, acrylic, and granite. The frames supporting the shower wall surrounds can come from chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, and nickel. Some would even be available in iron, however, this is not a safe choice since there is a high chance of the frame getting rusted during the use period.

Benefits Of Shower Wall Surround

Price ranges for shower wall surround

In general, a shower wall surround is not a cheap item to purchase for shoppers with its minimum price range varying somewhere near 400 dollars. The more exclusive choices can even go as high as 1000 dollars. They are, of course, coming with professional installation, and premium material quality, as well as should last for much longer.

7 Benefits of Having A Shower Wall Surround

Appearance Enhancement

The first and most visual reason why you should install shower wall surrounds is the appearance level-up. There are numerous patterns of shower wall surrounds from clear to featuring items you can pick up for your bathroom. As long as you follow the rule of color and pattern compatibility, your bathroom space would look incredibly enhanced. Among the ways to mix and match, though installing shower wall surrounds, you can even make the space look a bit larger than usual.


Shower wall surrounds can fit into more than one type of configuration, which is also a factor you need to consider later on in the buyer's guide section. A shower wall surround can be designed for either alcove or corner configuration. For the shapes, they are even more flexible with squares, rectangles, hexagons, and circles.

Benefits Of Shower Wall Surround


Multifunctionality happens as you purchase shower wall surrounds as tiles and panels, instead of one huge completed construction. This may not look so stylish as the whole-constructed type, but it is definitely much more affordable and easier to install. Most whole-constructed items require professional installation, which costs you an additional expense. On the other hand, with tiles and panels, you can freely install them anywhere you need them, including your kitchen, living room, bedroom, and home office.

Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

The ease of cleaning and maintenance works for most of the shower wall surround, whether it is self-installed or not. As these shower wall surrounds have already been waterproof, cleaning them inside out is not a tricky task to conduct at all. You don't have to use specialized liquid for cleaning as well, except when you have the demand to do so. The cost of cleaning and maintenance is almost zero.


Leakproof and waterproof are certainly the most remarkable and understandable benefits of shower wall surrounds. They are born for these tasks. Once you have installed a shower wall surround in your house, there should be no worries about water coming out from your shower or even bathtub. Some surrounds work for both showers and bathtubs.

Benefits Of Shower Wall Surround


If searching for the most durable shower wall surrounds, we highly recommend that you consider the whole-constructed made of tempered glass and metal frames with a thickness of approximately 1 inch. One more note is that they should have a double sliding door. Such a door would be much more convenient, easy to open and close, and as a result, it can serve you longer than any usual door.

Reduction of The Risk Of Mold And Bacteria To Its Lowest Point

The seventh benefit you can gain from installing a shower wall surround is no chance of mold and bacteria in the bathroom with glass and stainless steel or chrome supporting frame. Tempered or fiberglass does not allow any development of mold and bacteria even in the moistest environment. This is one huge plus point for shower wall surround.

How To Choose Your Shower Wall Surround?

Space Compatibility

Space compatibility should be taken seriously because it directly decides if you have to repurchase or make any adjustment to your shower wall surround. The self-installed shower wall surrounds seem to be fixed much less complicated than the whole piece, which is about to be repurchased in every case that does not fit.

Benefits Of Shower Wall Surround

Configuration Types

As mentioned, you have to pay attention to the configuration because there are shower wall surrounds that are designed for specific walls, including alcoves and corners. The alcoves are popular among consumers because of their privacy sense, while the corners are more likely to be space-efficient. Hence, they are favored by shoppers whose bathrooms are not so significant.


Materials play an essential role in the durability and solidity of your shower wall surround as well. For tiles and panels, we highly suggest construction stone types such as granite, ceramics, and non-slips. For the one-piece, we suggest tempered glass with stainless steel, aluminum, and chrome frames.

Style Compatibility

Style compatibility is the fourth factor to take into consideration. They affect the look of your overall layout remarkably. As a rule for style compatibility, you should not go color contrast too much for any space, and remember to have a highlight for the room. The colors of the layout should all follow one suitable color palette.

Price Ranges

Price ranges of shower wall surrounds vary from 400 dollars to 1300 dollars, depending on which provider you are buying from and what kind of installation as well as construction. The self-installation is much cheaper but they are not so durable as the whole-constructed ones. Nonetheless, there are numerous options in the average price range that you can choose with quality of the 1000 levels.

Final Thoughts

That should be the end of our article on the benefits of shower wall surround. It is becoming more popular among households and other spots. The most significant benefits are based on their function and appearance. Also, keep in mind the factors you need to consider when choosing a shower wall surround.

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