How To Keep Phone Battery Healthy

Last update: 2023-05-17

Since smartphones officially dominated the market, there are many questions from users about smartphones, but the most popular is still the battery. Most of us often listen to the experiences of previous users without knowing that they are no longer relevant, causing misunderstandings about battery charging. So that you are no longer confused about the correct way to charge the battery, this article will help you with solutions to charge your phone battery properly, keep your phone battery healthy, on your practical knowledge.

There are many of you who are charging batteries this way without knowing how harmful it is.

1. Uncharged battery charge is not good

This is completely wrong when most smartphones today use standard Lithium ion batteries. This battery standard allows you to charge at any battery level multiple times a day without worry. You just should not charge the battery to 100% and leave this situation for too long without unplugging the charger.

2. Newly purchased phone should be charged 3 times for 8 hours

Some people advise that if you do not follow this regulation, do not charge or do not charge the first 3 times 8 hours The battery will be bottle, quickly run out of battery. In fact, charging the battery for the first time has no effect at all, because the manufacturer has tested the battery before selling the product. Just need to charge the battery as usual.

3. The battery can be charged by a power bank

Power banks have the advantage of high mobility, can be charged anywhere, and the capacity is getting bigger and bigger. This can be seen as an inseparable object for those who move or work far away.

However, charging the battery with a charger with a power connection is still the best. Since this power supply is compatible with the machine and manufacturer standards, it provides enough power for the battery. As for the power bank, it may not be enough, so you should only charge it with a power bank when needed.

And when charging, when buying, you must choose a genuine power bank, ask the seller if it is compatible with the phone charging standard to prevent fire and explosion

4. Charge slowly if possible

No one can argue that fast charging technology is a great time saver. If you intend to maximize the life of your battery, you should probably save them for emergencies because they might stress and damage your battery, especially if you are using an old phone.

On the other hand, charging your battery slower will be good for it. As such, charging your phone via a computer or laptop can actually be a good thing.

5. Still let the phone connect to the network, Bluetooth during charging

Just because you don't want to be "dark" on Facebook but you still leave the network connection while charging and you believe it does not affect the battery much. You were wrong.

Even if you turn off the device while charging, the phone will still work in the background to check mail, messages, update apps, etc. This will cause the device to heat up and affect the battery health a lot.

The best way is that you must immediately turn off the network connection, Bluetooth during charging and do not use the device until the device is fully charged. This will shorten the charging time and be good for the battery.

6. Charge it to 100% and leave it for a few more minutes to fully charge the battery

Current smartphones will automatically reduce the current to low, almost stopping charging when the battery is full. But to avoid unexpected problems and for the best battery life, you should disconnect the charger when the battery is full. And you can charge it multiple times because current Lithium battery standards allow this. The best way to maintain battery health is to charge to 80% and then stop if you don't need to use it much. This has been studied very seriously.

7. Phone low battery still continue to use

Your phone's battery will be low when the battery level drops to 20%. At this point, the phone will work hard and so will the battery. If you are not in a hurry, then you should turn off the device until you find a charging place to secure the phone and the Battery. You absolutely must not let the phone power down because the battery is exhausted.

8. Charge the battery overnight to have enough battery for tomorrow

For today's new smartphones, this problem is not too serious when it automatically stops charging when it is 80% full, and waits until the morning to fully charge 100% for you to use. This is Battery optimization mode.

But the proportion of old smartphones on the market is still very large, and of course, they do not support this mode yet. Therefore, keeping the phone fully charged to 100% without using it for a long time will greatly reduce the battery life. You should charge several times during the day to limit overnight charging.

In short, if you don't need to use a smartphone much, you just need to leave the battery level at 70-80% is best. You can completely charge regularly at any battery level and charge it little by little over and over again. As for the battery problem, there is no method that can prevent this, because battery energy science has not reached that level. Moreover, if you use your phone properly and know how to hold it, it is possible that by the time the battery is dead, you are already tired of this device and want to own a new phone.

9. Lower the brightness

Your phone screen is awesome. But screen brightness is the main cause of draining your phone's battery. If you need to save battery power, switch it to the lowest setting but still readable.

If you have a newer phone like the Samsung Galaxy S9 or iPhone XS, you can reduce battery drain by switching to Dark Mode.

10. Use smart battery modes

Today's Android and iOS devices come with their own smart battery savers or low power modes. These features are especially useful because they automatically cut down on battery-draining functions, such as CPU usage, notifications, message fetching, and screen brightness.

While these power saving modes automatically activate when your phone's battery is low, you can easily turn them on manually whenever you want. Your phone will continue to function, but at a lower performance level.

While you may not want to have it enabled all the time, if you don't use your phone much for a few hours or want to reduce distractions, this can help reduce stress on your phone's battery.


Ultraportables are growing in popularity, but their battery performance is inversely proportional to power. After using it for about 1-2 years, smartphone battery life gradually decreases. If we do not preserve it carefully, gradually, you will see the battery increasingly losing capacity (also known as battery bottle).

Hope the above information will help you keep your phone battery healthy.

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