How To Choose Outdoor Bar Fridge

Last update: 2023-03-25

The outdoor bar fridge is a versatile appliance with plenty of space for drinks, drinks and snacks. You can understand they will operate similarly to large refrigerators but on a smaller scale.

Investing in an outdoor bar fridge is essential for the summer heat. An outdoor refrigerator will help reduce travel to and from the kitchen and always keep iced drinks within arm's reach. However, there are still some outdoor refrigerators that are all built the same and are designed for the inside when there is insufficient power supply and it is not safe to leave agents inside. To learn more about how to choose an outdoorbar fridge and information about bar fridge types. Continue reading below!

1. Location outdoor bar fridge

How To Choose Outdoor Bar Fridge

Most outdoor bar fridges are designed to withstand outdoor temperatures well, but where you place your fridge in the outdoor bar area will also affect its performance.

The bar refrigerator should be placed out of direct sunlight as this reduces energy use and prolongs the life of the cooling element. In addition, you will need an umbrella or an awning to create a shady location if the outdoor bar is not covered.

Please keep a distance between the bar fridge and the need for proper ventilation. You should review the product manual to see how many clearances the refrigerator requires.

Never put a bar fridge next to a BBQ. In general, both release heat, so they put extra stress on the refrigerator's components.

2. Storage and size outdoor bar fridge

How To Choose Outdoor Bar Fridge

The size of a large or small outdoor refrigerator depends on your preferences and the items you want to keep. Particular consideration should be given to storage or backyard use, and you need space to fit multiple drinks, snacks or small bins.

Most outdoor units come in 18" or 24" widths and a variety of mounting options are available to suit the type of storage you need. For special items, look for wine coolers, beverage centers or beer dispensers that are great for outdoor refrigerators. About the beverage center there are many types of models and can hold food, wine, cans and ordinary bottles inside.

Wine coolers differ from beverage centers in that they contain only alcohol and are designed to provide an optimal environment for alcohol. The beer dispensers or canning machines will keep the beer chilled. As long as they still meet UL standards, they can be taken out. Look for a refrigerator with a lock if you want to store alcohol and have young children around.

3. Built and built in

Built outdoor bar fridge: Usually the parts and electricity of a new refrigerator need to be able to withstand hot weather, especially when running in wet conditions. Before buying you need to look for the Insurance Laboratory (UL) approval seal. UL is a recognized developer of standards in the US and Canada to address both safety and sustainability issues of products.

Outdoor bar fridges are made of stainless steel because this material is often weather resistant. However, there are still some low-end models that will use low-quality stainless steel, this can rust when left outside, choose stainless in 300.

Built-in outdoor bar fridge: the difference of this type is the way the refrigerator is ventilated. For built-in refrigerators, front ventilated refrigerators can be pre-assembled into outdoor cabinets without any requirements. If you have an outdoor kitchen, placing a ventilated refrigerator underneath is very suitable.

Outdoor bar fridges have ventilation at the top, back and sides and must have space around for them to function properly. Having a freestanding refrigerator offers a degree of flexibility, they can also be placed almost anywhere and do not require professional installation.

Where, if you want to install it in a cabinet, at least one inch of space should be reserved for ventilation.

4. Design of outdoor bar fridge

How To Choose Outdoor Bar Fridge

  • Metal and glass shelves: some outdoor refrigerators have metal and glass rack designs, anyway it's up to each person to choose the right design. Metal brackets increase airflow and improve the energy efficiency of outdoor refrigerators as air circulates between slots.

But glass is still a better choice for small items and storage, if you have perishable items in the refrigerator. Usually sliding glass shelves and dedicated shelves are always dedicated to wine.

  • Light: if the refrigerator has enough light, it will help you enjoy the outdoor space after dark. Choose LED lights to avoid heat generation inside the refrigerator. Often high-performance, durable lamps are a good choice for energy saving and long-term use.
  • Drawers: This is an unnecessary element, unless you want to store a lot of things or quick snacks.
  • Brand and design: before buying, you need to determine the refrigerator or refrigerator and freezer combination. If preserving your drinks is important, you can invest in an ice maker. Besides, you should refer to some brands that have high-quality stainless steel at least 304 stainless steel ratings. Most outdoor kitchen refrigerators range in height from 24 inches to 34 inches.

5. Outdoor bar fridge capacity

Taking it into consideration and considering your desire to store in an outdoor refrigerator will help you decide on the right capacity. In addition, the size and layout of the inside of the refrigerator to see if the storage capacity of the refrigerator is suitable for the needs.

If you are planning to store food in an outdoor refrigerator, then you should consider a refrigerator that has been certified as food safe. Overall, the products are evaluated, tested and certified to maintain temperatures below 40 degrees Celsius outdoors and are made with food-safe materials.

6. Outdoor bar fridge performance

How To Choose Outdoor Bar Fridge

There are two types of cooling offered when it comes to small outdoor refrigerators: forced air and cold plate.

Cold plate: If the refrigerator has a cooling plate and a cooling plate at the back of the unit. The limitation of the cooling method is simply that your items in the back of the refrigerator obstruct the flow of cold air, which then creates an erratic temperature from the front to the back of the appliance.

Forced air: Often forced-air refrigerators will have fans inside the refrigerator that circulate, helping to keep the temperature accurate and consistent. This will cool faster.

7. Types of outdoor bar fridge

How To Choose Outdoor Bar Fridge

  • Bar fridge: a versatile piece of equipment as there is plenty of space for drinks, beverage garnishes and snacks. They operate similarly to refrigerators but on a smaller scale.
  • Beverage fridge: used to maintain cold temperatures for all beverages, whether you like water, beer, soft drinks or spirits. In addition, they are a companion item in parties, gatherings or those who want to save space in a regular refrigerator.
  • Wine fridge: will be designed to maintain the optimum temperature for short-term wine storage. If you want to keep your wine longer, wine cabinets often have specialized features designed to reduce light exposure and movement. Whether you want to store it for a short time or for a long time, wine refrigerators have a lighter temperature range, are vibration resistant and UV resistant.

8. Other features


How To Choose Outdoor Bar Fridge

Need to see the opening direction of the refrigerator because if you plan to place the bar refrigerator in an area that is harder to reach. With two types of hinges, right and left, find a refrigerator that is right for your home and use. In addition, some brands still have doors that are easy to reverse or adjust using an additional cleaning kit.

In some cases, many bar fridge doors are frosted, but you still have see-through glasses that allow you to see your food and drink when the door is open. There are still some bar fridges that have a heated front panel, which will prevent the build-up of steam.

Adjustable shelving

The adjustable rack is an important factor because it is convenient to divide and create more space for different foods and drinks. With shelves varying between bar fridge types and brands, durable tempered glass is seen as the more popular shelf type. However, there is still a refrigerator that still has a metal bottle holder to make bottle storage easy and a wire rack is used to circulate dark air throughout the refrigerator.


Based on the above information, retrofitting an outdoor refrigerator is exposed to the elements and it needs more work to adjust to fluctuating temperatures, so it is advisable to choose a refrigerator specifically designed for outdoor use. We hope you can choose a good outdoor bar fridge.

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