Different Types Of Barstools

Last update: 2023-02-05

Bar stools are used in numerous scenarios from real life to others. These pieces of furniture make incredible additions, even though their sizes aren't significant. When purchasing and combining these items with greater pieces of furniture around the house, you should first get an overall view of bar stools, especially what different types of bar stools are available. That's also what we are going to reveal in the following article.

What You Need To Know About Bar Stools?

A bar stool is simply a variant for a chair, but with a few adjustments made. Here is a fun fact you may not know about bar stools. It came into popularity somewhere around the 1400s and became quite phenomenal as an Italian Renaissance symbol. It was constantly used in several inferior orientations. It was also enriched with numerous inspirations from sculpture and other art forms back then.

However, that was not when the first bar stool of human civilization was found. A piece that looked similar to our modern bar stools originated from ancient Egypt, which is among the oldest cultures and civilizations during our existence. Throughout that period and many others, the bar stools were only used for the social class, referring to noble and wealthy people.

Nowadays, bar stools are not so strange to us anymore. It is used almost everywhere from our living rooms to kitchens. Bar stools once made a "bar" concept when they were first used in bars and pubs. This concept also promoted people to pop up with the idea of having their own open bar in their kitchens or living rooms as well.

If in the old times, bar stools came in a formal look with wood and leather, they have been innovated with multiple styles and materials for much greater diversity. To clarify this, the different types of bar stools, we would explain right away in the upcoming section.

Different Bar Stool Types That Are Available For Shoppers

Pub Style Bar Stools

The name really reveals an image of how the bar stool may look to you. This type of bar stool is quite varied in terms of construction. It is mostly based on the pub's general concept and layout that decides whether the bar stool is backless or not, wood or leather, and other construction factors. Most of the pub-style bar stools look fancy and elegant. Besides, the pub-style bar stool can be easily combined if you wish for your kitchen thanks to their flexible appearance.

Bistro Style/ Breakroom Bar Stools

Bistro style or breakroom bar stools are even more flexible for users if you asked us. These bistro style or so-called breakroom bar stools are used even more commonly for places such as living rooms, kitchens, eateries, cafes, restaurants, and even bars or pubs. They are favorable for their look. The bistro and breakroom bar stools have the same diversity as the pub-style bar stools. The bistro and breakroom bar stools can have either a characteristic or elegant and neutral look.

Backless Bar Stools

Backless bar stools can vary among any concept or type. They have no back support for users, however, they are still applied remarkably in inferior decoration and layout. The backless bar stools, if combined finely with other types of bar stools would make such a harmonious appearance for the whole room, which certainly takes the overall layout to the next level. So if you are considering whether to purchase a backless bar stool set or not, the answer perhaps is a Yes.

Stationary Bar Stools

Stationary bar stools are one branch of backless bar stools. Nonetheless, they are not so "general" as the backless bar stools. They are more likely to appear in eateries, especially fast food chains, cafes, and breakfast servings. Other places that you can catch sight of stationary bar stools can be libraries, stationeries, offices, etc… The stationary bar stools usually have one major stand made of wood or metal.

Bucket Bar Stools

Bucket bar stools are quite similar to an armchair shape, but less significant and come with the stand of a bar stool. These chairs are really in favor of many shoppers because they look quite formal and are suitable for numerous places and usage. Also, people seem to like it better with arm support. These chairs can be used anywhere for their look and support. The cushion is usually added to this bar stool type.

Distressed Metal Bar Stools

Distressed metal bar stools make our last type for the bar stool section. They are simply made from metal with 4 solid stands. They are so favorable for restaurants and cafes following rustic or vintage styles. They usually come in black, white, blue, red, and yellow. They are quite an excellent choice for eateries, in our point of view. They can have either back or not. Moreover, they are the most likely to be affordable out of the bar stool types mentioned.

A Brief Buyer's Guide For Bar Stools

Our last part is going to be devoted to a buyer's guide for shoppers if you have the intention of purchasing a bar stool for the time being. Our tips for the bar stool purchase are quite simple with four major factors, including height, size, style, and material.


Height is the most important factor, considering our perspective on bar stools. To make the right choice in terms of height, determine where you would put your bar stool, particularly which kind of table you are using. The height of the table and the bar stool must be compatible for the best usage later. If these two height figures are not equal, or at least relatively even to one another, you may engage in several issues in your user experience.


Size is just as crucial to take into consideration as height. This directly decides how many bar stools you can fit on your table, and it would be such a pity if you cannot place the intended number of bar stools on your table because inappropriate sizes have been taken. Take the size of your table or space you tend to place the bar stools in advance, then choose the size wisely.


The style of the bar stools almost seems to be endless. Feel free to choose the style and color you would love to have around the house. The only thing you need to keep in mind about style is compatibility with the overall layout. Any style that fits the space is fine enough. You can choose based on the types and combine them with the style you are heading for.


For material, we highly recommend metal or wood for the frame and support. Leather for the upper part is great but if you are doing Scandinavian or minimalism, you can consider other types of materials. However, if you are looking for pub bar stools, leather would not let you down.

Our Final Thoughts

Have you picked up the type of bar stools you want after our information provided? To sum up, there are 6 different types of bar stools for shoppers. When choosing the bar stools, go for the height, size, style, and materials. Those are the most remarkable factors for purchasing a bar stool. Other elements including prices should be your secondary priorities only.

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