Benefits Of Exhaust Fan In Kitchen

Last update: 2023-07-06

A kitchen hood fan is an appliance that is installed above the hob or cooking area. For the purpose of removing the smell of food, grease, heat, heat, smoke, steam, ... out of the kitchen. However, with the variety of product lines on the market, many people still do not know which device to choose and whether their effectiveness is achieved as desired. Below is information about kitchen hood fans and things to know that will help you easily make a decision and choose the right product for your needs.

The effect of the kitchen exhaust fan

Kitchen hood fans are mainly used to remove excess moisture and unwanted odors from the installation area.

When cooking, the smell of food and grease will follow and spread in the air. First, with the smell of food affecting the cook, creating a feeling of boredom and anorexia after cooking by smelling too much food. Not only that, when cooking smelly dishes and rooms without partitions; The smell of food will spread all over the house and it takes a long time for the smell to come out. Especially for families with air conditioners, they will always stay in the room and can't get out. With furniture such as clothes, curtains, cushions (mattresses), chairs, ... or indoor furniture, it is easy to stick and store odors, affecting product quality.

Therefore, many families have chosen to install more kitchen exhaust fans to quickly remove the smell of food, grease, kitchen smoke, ... to the outside. Ensure the cooking space is always airy, clean, creating comfort for users. Not only the smell of food, kitchen smoke; that the heat, dust in the air is also pushed out.

Advantages of home kitchen exhaust fan

  • Absorbs odors quickly, keeping the space comfortable
  • Easy installation
  • Cost savings
  • Various sizes and designs for you to choose from

Where should the home kitchen exhaust fan be installed?

Kitchen exhaust fans are usually installed in 2 positions

  • Install above the kitchen cabinet, parallel to the stovetop to directly absorb and focus the smell from the cooking position, avoiding spreading the smell to the surrounding locations.
  • Install on the wall or in the ceiling, closest to the hob position and the direction of the air outlet. This line will not focus on the stove, but will have a ventilation function for the entire kitchen. Accordingly, if you want to use a centralized suction device to quickly remove bad and dirty air in the room, you should use the first type. The effect achieved will be significantly better, avoiding the gas spreading out.

In addition, they are often used in conjunction with fresh air supply fans. They take air from outside to supply the room, quickly replenishing the amount of air that is circulated outside. Helps the air source become more balanced. Especially in tightly designed dining rooms, without doors or ventilation holes.

Different types of exhaust fans for the kitchen

Wall-mounted exhaust fan

Wall-mounted exhaust fans are quite common devices in homes. Possessing advantages: compact design, smooth operation and can be easily installed in many different spaces such as bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. Wall-mounted ventilation fans are also equipped. different power levels to suit all needs and purposes of users. To save energy while ensuring the ventilation process works effectively.

Ceiling exhaust fan

Ceiling exhaust fan, also known as ceiling-mounted exhaust fan, has a very large capacity of suction and ventilation. Because of this feature, they are often installed in large-area projects such as apartment buildings, offices, companies, etc. Currently, on the market, there are many types of products with all kinds of products. Different sizes and functions are easy for you to choose.

Exhaust fan with glass wall panel

With the characteristics of compact size compared to other ventilation fan products. In addition, glass-walled ventilation fans often have a design with a round frame, soft lines that not only bring benefits in ventilation but also give your room a luxurious and modern beauty. greater than ever.

Exhaust fan combine with integrated heating

Possessing the same design and features as other exhaust fans, but thanks to the integrated heating function, your room space becomes warmer in the winter.

Common problems when using kitchen exhaust fans and how to fix them

  • Grease adheres to the machine, affecting the quality and performance of the machine

Because it is installed parallel to the kitchen surface. Therefore, it is inevitable that grease and dust will enter the fan as well as the motor, reducing their operating efficiency and lifespan. There are many cases where grease is stuck in the machine, it has not been long since the engine has been used, so it is very confusing when choosing to use it.

In this case, in order to minimize and eliminate the above situation, in addition to using the hood motor, you should use a diffuser or a kitchen hood. On each unit there will be a grease shield. They prevent grease from splashing into the engine part, affecting the machinery inside.

  • Low odor absorption efficiency, not able to absorb all odors, causing them to spread to the surrounding environment

Currently on the market there are many lines of equipment with different capacities and ability to absorb odors. Therefore, when buying equipment, it is necessary to check these 2 parameters. Because the lines have a weak capacity, when the machine works, it can only absorb part of the smell. The rest will still float through the air and fly across the room. That's why many people have bought the device but still don't use it because the effect is not there.

Should choose fan motors are axial or centrifugal ventilation fans. They usually have a large capacity, strong and fast odor absorption ability. In addition, centrifugal fans have the ability to push away (push away from 10-25m). If the kitchen location does not have a place to place the machine, it is still possible to place the exhaust fan on the roof and leave the hood in the kitchen area, but the efficiency is still optimal.

  • If the engine is damaged, how to repair or replace it?

One of the problems that many people encounter is that after a long time using exhaust fan products, the motor part is damaged and does not work anymore. At that time, it is necessary to replace or repair in time to ensure the quality of the air source in your cooking space.

In case the machine no longer works due to engine failure. At this time, it is not recommended to remove and completely replace the kitchen hood. To save costs while ensuring optimal performance, it is recommended to repair or replace the engine part. They are usually located in the body of the machine, so when replacing, simply remove the connectors and insert the replacement device. If you are not an electrician or know about electrical equipment, you should contact an electrician for assistance in assembling and replacing quickly and promptly.

  • The noise of the machine might be too loud

There are many lines of fans with large capacity, and especially cheap kitchen exhaust fans with very high noise levels. They directly affect the user's hearing and perception. While cooking but always hear the buzzing of the engine, it greatly affects the user's mood. The recommended noise level of ventilation and exhaust devices is less than 60dB. This is the low level and is rated as the best by users.

  • The machine does not work

In case the machine has just finished installation but does not work, contact the manufacturer immediately for the fastest support. If you want a quick check, you can review the power connection to the device.

If the machine does not work after 1 period of use, it is necessary to check the motor inside the machine body and the power connection. It is very likely that the motor has shorted. fire and damage.

Does the kitchen exhaust fan have a cooling effect?

There are also many people who wonder whether the home kitchen exhaust fan has the ability to cool? The answer is no. They only have the effect of absorbing odors and sucking air out of the room. When cooking, there will be some heat emitted, they also follow the air flow out and reduce the heat in the room. They are not as effective as fans or other air fresheners, but only as auxiliary devices.

Notes when choosing a home kitchen exhaust fan

When choosing a home kitchen exhaust fan, you should pay attention to the following issues:

  • Equipment noise level: Choose a low-noise type
  • Capacity: It is recommended to choose a line with high capacity to quickly remove odors and food smoke
  • Price: Equipment price is very important. Do not choose cheap models because their performance is not high
  • Should install more suction side to protect the engine


Above is all information about kitchen exhaust fans and what you need to know. The hood is a necessary household item in every kitchen to help you remove food odors effectively, and at the same time increase the aesthetics of the space. Hope this review will be of great helpful to you.

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